Fair Representation Requires Fair Districts

We all have issues we care about: healthcare, climate change, affordable housing, criminal justice reform, ending systemic racism. The people that make decisions about these issues are often elected officials – but how can we ensure that they fight for us?


Through Redistricting! Redistricting is the process used by governments to redraw political district boundaries every ten years after the Census. The way the lines are drawn can keep a community together or split it apart, leaving it without a representative who feels responsible for its concerns. Redistricting can also determine who wins elections, who controls the legislature, and which laws get passed.

If we are serious about systems change and addressing any or all of the issues above, we have to be apart of the 2021 redistricting process.  We showed up for the Census, we showed up to vote, but without strong districts to vote in, we’ll be left without the power we need and deserve – for ten years. Join us in the fight!


The Inland Empire Redistricting Hub is a coalition of community groups in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties committed to the fight for equitable and representative districts at every level of government. Please find our current list of partners below:

For more information or to join the Hub, please email Sky Allen at sky@ieunited.org


Throughout the summer there will be Public Input Meetings that community members can show up to and share their needs and their communities. As the Redistricting Hub, we will host community workshops to discuss the process and what it means for the IE, and help prepare you to show up to those meetings.

The following listing will be updated as further meetings are announced:

California Citizens Redistricting Commission

San Bernardino Advisory Redistricting Commission


Riverside County Planning Commission


IE Redistricting Hub Workshops